Best Practices in Banana Time (current)
A mixed reality talk show in Second Life and other antics exploring the history of "banana time" and what it currently means to work and play in the wacky world of Web 2.0.
Laborers of Love (in progress)
What's your fantasy? A just-in-time pornography website that leverages a global online workforce of Mechanical Turk workers.
School of Perpetual Training (2007-2009)
Are working or playing? Learn how to earn while you play as we investigate invisible labor and ewaste in the global game industry.
Invisible Threads/Double Happiness Jeans (2008)
Visit our virtual sweatshop in Second Life and purchase a sassy pair of Double Happiness Jeans you can wear in the real world.
Usernomics 1.0 (2007-ongoing)
Don't know what to do with all those old computers? Try our hacktivist workshop employing models of waste reclamation, recycling and reuse to create unique game controllers!
WorldXDiagnostics (2009-2010)
A revolutionary new system that evaluates and diagnoses citizen reponses to socio-economic conditions resulting from the global economic meltdown..
The Zero Hour (2005-2008)
Not sure about the buzzing in your backyard? Neither was the city of Buffalo, New York or Calgary, Canada.
Collective Simulated Synaesthesia (2004-2007)
Are you vibrating at an "A" sharp or a "D" flat? Learn how to sing your own tune through a new procedure that uses the body's own frequencies to recalibrate its internal rhythm.
sub/merg/ency (2005)
As globalization creates a more homogenous and corporatized landscape, is it possible to carve out a space of one's own? In conjunction with the Trampoline Radiator Festival in Nottingham, England.
Rethinking Locative Media (2004)
Suddenly find yourself lost and no GPS? Find your way home with "Divine Cartography". All you need is your faithful camera phone and some wire hangers.
Taylorism and You: Personal Efficiency Strategies (2002)
Wasting precious minutes thinking about how to streamline your day? Fret no more. PAN-O-MATIC hits the streets to find out how Americans maximize their time!
New Spring Line: Rorschach goes to Walmart (2003-2004)
It dices and slices and fits conveniently in your pocket. Still can't find exactly what you want at the Sharper Image or the Personal Care aisle at Walmart? Our latest market research puts a new twist on focus group studies.
Window Shopping: Citywide Storefronts (2001-2002)
Wishful thinking comes alive for the 21st century flaneur in these interactive storefronts.

Current Exhibitions and Events
Sunrise and Sunset, Art Project (launches 3/20/10)
Great Avatar Challenge, Eyebeam Mixer, NYC (3/13/10)
Ecstatic/Round Robin Collective, Brooklyn, NY (3/12-4/4/10)
Precious Cargo, SUNY Buffalo Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY (3/18-5/15/10)
Feedforward: Angel of History, LABoral, Gijon Spain (thru 4/5/10))
Manifestios! Revolutions!, Terminal, Austin Peay State University(ongoing)

2009 Creative Capital Award in Emerging Fields
2009 Turbulence New Radio and Performing Arts Commission
2009 Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence
2008 NYSCA New York State Council on Arts Award

Recently Recent
Cybersex: What’s Art got to do with it?, panel at 2010 College Art Association Conference, 2/13/10
Conversation Pieces, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (9/11-12/19)
Changing Labor Value, Vera List Center for Art & Politics at The New School (8/29)
TURN*ON, Artivistic, Montreal, Québec, Canada (10/15-10/17)
Sign, Art in Odd Places, with Retail Action Project, NYC (10/1-10/26)
Cities of Tomorrow, Performa 09, with Lize Mogel/Jen Kaminsky, NYC ( 11/09)
2009 ISEA Belfast Juried Exhibition, Golden Thread Gallery
Residency at Sumu/Gallery Titanik, Turku, Finland

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